Author photo by Michael Bailey 

Opening lines from The Ticket

Fred Shackelford is a Virginia attorney who lives on farmland that his great-great-grandfather purchased in 1817. Before venturing into the world of fiction writing with The Ticket, he published Judges Say the Darndest Things, a collection of humorous excerpts from legal opinions. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Fred lives in Albemarle County with his family and 2 ¾ cats. (One cat lost a front leg in an accident, but he gamely scoots around on his three remaining legs.)

  Meet Author Fred Shackelford

Channing Booker’s hand trembled as he held the slip of paper. Bleary-eyed from a Friday night of drinking and revelry, he wasn’t sure if what he saw was real. In the darkness of his study, he stared at the Virginia Lottery’s website in the pale glow of a smartphone screen.  Slowly he read the six winning Mega Millions numbers one more time.  He had been playing the lottery for at least a decade but had little to show for it -- until now. 

Fred Shackelford      Author